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Tetris Attack Speedrun Tournament 2021

  • 19 Players
  • Groups (5 → 2) then Double Elimination
  • Tetris Attack
  • March 6, 2021 at 12:00 AM EST
  • Check-in: Closed

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Welcome to Puzzle General's third Tetris Attack speedrun tournament! The Yoshi iteration of this action puzzle game on the SNES turns 25 years old this year. Let's make this the best Tetris Attack tournament yet!

If you would like to volunteer to help organize, broadcast, or commentate matches, apply here.

Before the Tournament

You will need a Challonge account to sign up for the tournament, a account to participate in the races, streaming software to broadcast your gameplay in real time like OBS, a timer to track the race time such as LiveSplit, and to join the Puzzle General Discord server to communicate with the other participants and staff. Be prepared to stream all of your gameplay and keep local recordings. If you need an emulator to play the game, we recommend either Bizhawk, Higan, or Snes9X. You can find them in the Links section below. Just don't use an emulator that is several years old and you should be fine.

You will also need to qualify for the tournament by performing during the month of February at least one speedrun of the categories to be raced and submitting it to the community leaderboard before the deadline. For further details, see the Qualifying section below.

In addition, you will be required to check in to this tournament within two days before the start of the tournament. Please make sure that you have joined the Discord so you can get the reminder.


To help us distribute player skill as evenly as we can among each group, we ask that you demonstrate your current skill level by performing a speedrun of at least one of the 1Player VS. game levels and submitting it to the leaderboard. Each run you submit must not only be recorded and submitted between February 1 12:00 AM ET – February 28 11:59 PM ET, but also include the text TA2021 in the run description to be considered. Your run must be verified by a leaderboard moderator in order to count. You will be notified if your run has been rejected for failure to follow the rules of the board. If you do not have a qualifying run by the submission deadline, you may be removed from the tournament.

You are encouraged to do at least one run of each game level (Easy, Normal, Hard, V-Hard) in order to improve your seeding and reduce your chances of being grouped with more top players. Players will initially be seeded based on the best submitted times in each category by way of a point system.

The player with the best time in a category will be given 100 points in that category. Other players will receive a proportionately reduce amount of points in that category based on how much slower their times are.

Example: The fastest submitted time in a category is 8 minutes. That player gets 100 points. A player with a 16 minute time will get 50 points for being half as fast.

Each category is also weighted based on the minimum number of races a player needs to win in each category during the tournament. The number of participants will have an impact on how many races a player will need to win. Due to the format of this tournament, each group stage match will count for 0.75 Easy, 0.75 Normal, 0.75 Hard, and 0.75 V-Hard races and each bracket match will count for 4 V-Hard races.

For instance, if the champion would have to play in 4 group matches and 4 bracket matches, the game levels would be given weights of 3, 3, 3, and 3+4x4, or 19, respectively. V-Hard would count for about 68% of your final score and the other levels would count for almost 11%.

Needless to say, no matter how many players enter, you should focus most on V-Hard mode to maximize your score. Playing the other modes might give you an edge, however.

You can find the qualifying leaderboard and how each player's times affect their score here.

Tournament Structure

Registration: Open from February 1, 2021 at 12:00 AM ET through February 28, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

Starts: March 6, 2021

Game: Tetris Attack (includes SNES release and Yoshi de Panepon Satellaview release)

Speedrun Categories: 1Player Game VS., all Game Levels in the Group stage, V-Hard only in Bracket

Match Length: Best of 5 (first to 3 wins) races in the Group stage. Best of 7 (first to 4) in Bracket. Best of 9 (first to 5) in Grand Finals with the winner of the Winners Bracket starting 1-0.

Prizes: Discord role to the winner

Where to Watch: on Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm and 12am ET

On March 6, the tournament begins with a Round Robin group stage of matches played on all difficulties. Players will be divided into four to six groups depending on the total participants, distributed according to their best submitted times on the leaderboard per the qualifying procedure above. In each group match, players will agree on a difficulty to start the first race. The race loser picks the next difficulty to race, a different level from the previous race(s). Rinse and repeat until there is a match winner or all difficulties have been played. Game 5 can be played on any level.

Players will be given up to one week times the number of the largest group to complete one match with every player in their group in the presence of a tournament/assistant organizer. (If the largest group has 5 players, then all players will have 5 weeks to complete their matches.) Players are allowed to complete their matches in any order. It is up to the players to schedule their matches around staff availability. Matches will be restreamed live to the Puzzle General Twitch channel whenever possible, but not all group stage matches can be guaranteed to be live.

The top two players of each group after all matches are completed will move on to the final bracket. If there is enough interest, the players that did not qualify can register for a single-elimination “redemption bracket” for bragging rights and a Discord role. The redemption bracket would be best of 5 and run entirely on V-Hard difficulty.

One week after the group stage concludes, the double-elimination final bracket will begin. One loss will put you into a Losers Bracket. A second loss will knock you out of the tournament. All bracket matches will be played on V-Hard difficulty. Players will be given one week to complete each bracket match. The goal is to restream every bracket match live and complete all of the Top 3 matches on the same day.


Puzzle General Discord: or


Resource for Timers and Streaming Software:

Staff Application Form:

Speedrun Leaderboard with Guides and Resources:

Tournament Qualifying Leaderboard:


Bizhawk Emulator:

Higan Emulator:

Snes9X Emulator:

Puzzle General Twitch:

Lead Tournament Organizer: CardsOfTheHeart#9678

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